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Inside The Minds Of Authors

Apr 16, 2024

Happy Monday, Fabulous Listener!

Welcome to Inside the Minds of Authors. A podcast dedicated to bringing you passionate authors with exciting books. Today we have the pleasure of talking to the Award-Winning Author, David D. Levine. We are discussing his latest novel, a space-opera caper called The Kuiper Belt Job.

David D. Levine's previous works include Andre Norton Nebula Award-winning novel Arabella of Mars, sequels Arabella and the Battle of Venus and Arabella the Traitor of Mars. He has over sixty SF and fantasy stories. His story “Tk’Tk’Tk” won the Hugo, and he has been shortlisted for awards including the Hugo, Nebula, Campbell, and Sturgeon. David’s stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Analog, Clarkesworld, F&SF,, numerous Year’s Best anthologies, and his award-winning collection Space Magic. To learn more about his works, check out his website at

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Happy Listening, DC