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Inside The Minds Of Authors

Mar 21, 2023

Happy Monday, my Friend!

Welcome to the podcast, Inside the Minds of Authors. We have a powerful and transformative show for you this evening. The talented non-fiction author and professor, Ms. Shelly Tochluk, is joining us on the program. Ms. Shelly is a Professor of Education at Mount Saint Mary's University-Los Angeles. For over 18 years, she has worked with AWARE-LA (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere-Los Angeles) to host dialogues and an annual 4-day institute, Unmasking Whiteness, which leads White people into a deeper understanding of their personal relationship to race and systemic racism.

Ms. Shelly is sharing with us the 3rd edition of her book Witnessing Whiteness. This is a powerful book that can help everyone start those critical conversations regarding race. As well as providing incredible resources for everyone in the journey to becoming more racially aware. To learn more about Ms. Shelly in this incredible movement, check out her website at

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