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Inside The Minds Of Authors

Jul 2, 2024

Happy Monday, Fabulous Listener!

Welcome to Inside the Minds of Authors. I’m so happy you are joining me for another fabulous author. This podcast is decided to bring you brilliant authors with exciting new books. This evening, we are talking to the prolific author, Mr. Roger Haydon Mitchell, about his recent novel, The Day of the Labyrinth.

Roger is a political theologian, activist and writer. An honorary research fellow at Lancaster University. He is also a political theologian with the Westminster Theology Centre, co-facilitates the Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission and chairs Ashburnham Christian Trust. He is the lead editor of The Kenarchy Journal ( Roger is married to Sue, has two sons, four grandchildren and now gladly embraces four more. He is the author of various books and papers you can explore at

Most recently, Roger has embarked on a series of fantastic histories that explore the interface between hierarchy, empire and the politics of love, the first of which is published by the Top Hat imprint of Collective Ink- The Day of the Labyrinth (

To learn more about the book or the amazing Mr. Roger, you can also check out the site

Thank you for joining us this evening. Always a pleasure bringing you new books from incredible authors. If you are enjoying the podcast and would like to stay in touch, subscribe. You don’t want to miss a single episode.

Happy Listening, DC