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Inside The Minds Of Authors

Jun 19, 2024

Happy Tuesday, Fabulous Listener!

Welcome to Inside the Minds of Authors. Hope you are doing amazing today. It’s been a pretty busy month, but excited to bring you another amazing author. This evening, we are chatting with the talented Mr. Adam Wilson about his upcoming graphic novel, Last of the Pops. If you enjoy music, and remember the great era of radio, you are going to enjoy this fun conversation.

A former comic editor, Adam Wilson is one of the co-publishers of Read Furiously and an award-winning comic writer. His works include Brian & Bobbi, In the Fallout, Helium, and the upcoming graphic novel Last of the Pops. He co-writes the graphic novel series The MOTHER Principle and edits the anthology series Life in the Garden State with his partner S. Atzeni.

To learn more about Mr. Adam’s fabulous projects, check out his site. You can find links to his socials and more ways to connect with his upcoming book.

Thank you for joining us this evening. Always a pleasure bringing you new books from incredible authors. If you are enjoying the podcast and would like to stay in touch, subscribe. You don’t want to miss a single episode.

Happy Listening, DC